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Why Trees

I truly believe in honest service and caring for the health of our trees. I began my journey in arboriculture the summer of 2020. As soon as I completed my first tree removal I was hooked. I slowly worked my way up to larger and more difficult trees, each one more interesting and complicated than the last. In 2021 I upgraded my equipment to include modern rigging gear. I also opened a relationship with a local certified arborist with 50+ years of experience whom I consult for a second opinion.

In August of 2023 I added our new Merlo Grip-Saw Crane to better serve our customers with large and hazarous trees. I am excited to have a greater ability to help our community after major storms roll through by safely removing trees laying a top homes and vehicles. I am currently pursuing my arborist certification and I am excited to serve Sheboygan and the surrounding counties for many years to come.

Mueller Arborists were very professional and did an outstanding job cutting down a very large tree next to my house. They cleaned up every twig and the lawn looked better than it did before they came. They kept me informed as to each step they were doing. I would have them again.

Removal Methods

Grip-Saw Crane

Nothing compares to the safety and efficiency of our state-of-the-art Merlo Grip-Saw Crane. We safely grip and cut trees from the ground. Tree branches and logs are gently lowered to the ground, safely away from your house.

Tree Climbing

We climb trees when pruning or equipment access is restricted. We use the latest climbing gear and techniques to keep you and your property safe. For safety reasons, we do not climb dead nor structurally compromised trees.

Bucket Truck

Using a bucket truck is necessary to remove dead or structurally compromised trees when crane access is restricted. A bucket truck is safer and more efficient than climbing when removing deciduous trees.

Tree Services

Tree Removal

We remove trees of all shapes and sizes. Our focus is the safety of you and your property. Every tree removal includes the cleanup of all sticks and saw dust.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a broad term which includes many services. No matter the trimming task, we work to keep the tree healthy and visually appealing.

Canopy Raising

Canopy raising is the trimming of low branches to improve the health and visual appeal of trees. Low branches can see reduced sunlight and be a nuisance when walking under the tree.

Storm Cleanup

Storms can compromise trees year-round. We cleanup fallen branches, partially fractured limbs, and any other storm related damage. We always make sure fractures are properly trimmed to improve healing.

Risk Assessment

We perform a risk and health assessment on every tree we work on. All dedicated assessments are performed with multiple arborists. If you have any questions about your trees, we are always available to help.

Stump Grinding

We are capable of removing any size stump. We call Diggers Hotline for you to ensure buried utility lines are not damaged. We can also cleanup and backfill stumps.

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